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Start by getting rid of anything you don’t truly need.


Use uniform sized boxes. Home Depot & Lowes sell moving boxes (in store and online) for much less than U-haul or other moving companies and you can return the ones you don’t use.


Don’t use Wardrobe boxes for your clothes, they are large, heavy and waste space. Use smaller boxes and fold the clothes into them on the hangers.


Fill your boxes completely to keep them from collapsing. Use blankets, towels, sheets, crumpled newspapers etc… to fill empty spaces in boxes.


Label two opposing sides of your boxes with all the contents of your box. Stack them with the label facing out.


Stack boxes with heavy items on the bottom and lighter items toward the top.


Leave a walkway between boxes and other items in your unit so you can access things in the back.


When storing metal objects such as filing cabinets, metal furniture or yard equipment treat them with rust protector or wipe with an oily rag.


Storing your refrigerator? Leave the door ajar to prevent mold growth inside.


Do not store anything flammable or combustible in a storage building. No gasoline, oil, cleaning fluids, paint thinner, etc. If you’re storing anything that runs on gas, drain it before storing.


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